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The driving idea behind VENEZIA line is to turn casual and sport clothing of common use like t-shirts into elegant fashion items, giving men unique style and elegant sign of distinction.VENEZIA t-shirts, thanks to their exclusivity, are garments that can easy replace common shirts in any smart-set occasion.Men will be able to dress VENEZIA t-shirts when socializing at any level.There is no such offer of luxury menswear on the market as of now.VENEZIA garments feature seamless embroidered collar and they are made with the finest cotton fabric, which comes mainly from Egypt and to a lesser extent from Sudan and Peru (in the Pima variety). The cotton used by LORGHI for their VENEZIA collection is unique and tailored made. It is totally hand-picked, with fibres extra-long staple (ELS) over 34/36mm length, making it durable and naturally shiny. Cotton manually harvested allows the bolls to be selected at just the right degree of ripeness and avoids the use of harmful defoliants. VENEZIA cotton yarn is thick and thin, it has a count finer or equal to Ne 60/2 (NM 2/100) featuring good evenness and lower amount of neps. First the cotton is twisted: the doubling creates yarns with two or more plies, each ply must be finer or equal to Ne 60. Then the fabric is gassed: the flame eliminates the unnecessary hairiness on the fibres, the texture gets smoother acquiring lustre, uniformity and resistance to pilling. The fabric gets then mercerized: mercerizing gives shine, resistance, better absorption and un-shrinkable qualities to the fibres. VENEZIA cotton is finally dyed using only colours and additives in line with the requirements set by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 (baby products). The water used during the process is purified, tested and recycled. The entire production cycle meets the standards of EU legislation on healthy textiles destined for people and also reduced environmental impact. VENEZIA garments are resistant, shiny, and feature low-pilling; even when washed over and over again, they maintain their quality, comfort and elegance. All production is 100% made in Italy; VENEZIA t-shirts are provided with their luxury gift box in matte black with glossy UV printed logo.